Pre-Amps - Advance 10000 series

Model no: QA-20008
Our direct-out-of-the-factory price C$22,880 Untitled Document [US$ 18304]

Typical retailer / reseller price C$44,800 and up


line stage balanced input and output tubes pre-amplifier with 100 micro-step volume control + pure tube voltage regulator and rectifier + selectible direct / UTC transformer coupled output + Universal tube design + NOS power transformer + Low output impedance power drive


This is our top-most best sounding all vacuum tube pre-amplifier with RCA and XLR balanced inputs and outputs with sonic performance that can easily out-perform preamps in the market for almost any price range.
We employ the organic way of designing and manufacturing that has zero negative feedback, no circuit board for tube sections, hand-wired component to components and point to point, Lots of oil capacitors, NOS carbon composite resistors , and high grade ultra heavy-duty transformer and power filter capacitors. This unit is hand-built with no compromise in component quality, very carefully fine tuned for tonal balance, resolution, sound quality, air and soundstage for a pure effortless delivery. All the good sounding options have been integrated into this very special design which almost none of other manufacturers can come even close to.

The end result of our no compromise design and execution is articulation and punch in the bass section with exception of elasticity and tenderness, sweetness and liquidity in the midrange with syrup-like feeling but not sticky, super silkiness and openness in the high frequencies without boundary. 
Super high grade 100 micro steps laser trimmed resistor network remote volume control with +/- 1% linearity and accuracy.

The power supply section uses 5U4G + EF86 + 6AS7G + 0D3 to form an all tube regulation circuit, which can give a tight bass punch with very good subsonic extension. The energy reserved behind the dam of the regulator is super so the dynamics is superb as well.

Super low output impedance drive circuit included , easily drive over 10 power amplifiers without any audible degradation, and give out super good bass punch and tenderness at the same time.

Over 20 pcs of oil capacitors with countless NOS carbon resistors, along with the NOS western electric cloth wires, this unit can give you the most musical, high density , richly smooth and organic sound you will not be able to experience from other products.

3 different sizes of tubes as pre-amplification with individual level control knob, so that you can mix and match different proportions of sound from which tubes in the most flexible way.

A switch on the top panel to let you select between direct tube output or UTC transformer coupled output. The 4x UTC NOS output transformer forms a true balanced transformer coupled output with impedance lower than 10 ohm, which can even drive an headphone directly if wanted. 


No. of inputs 3 sets of  XLR balanced  inputs (can be custom made to whatever )
No. of outputs

1 set of RCA and four sets of XLR balanced pre-amp outputs with variable output gain control (can be custom made to whatever RCA + XLR combo as well)

Input / Output impedance Input = 86 Kohm (optional : 10K -- 1Mohm) Output = 200ohm
Freq response

10Hz - 70Khz (-3db) direct tube output

20Hz - 70Khz (-3db) transformer coupled output

S/N > 100 db ( with max. allowable input signal level + properly calibrated output gain)
Gain x5 - x10 depend on model of tubes
manufacturing hand-wired point to point for tube section, digital display section use circuit board
Phase non-inverted or 180deg inverted of your choice

1st stage : 6SL7 x 2 (alt: 6SN7/6SU7/ECC32/ECC33/ECC35/6188 or eq) + 12AU7 x 2 (alt: 12AX7/12AT7/ECC81/ECC82/ECC83) + EL32 x 4( alt : CV1052 / VT52 / 6G6G)

2nd stage: 6G6G x 2 (alt: 6Y6/6F6/6V6)

3rd stage: 6L6G x 4 (alt: 6V6/6L6/6K6/6Y6/6F6/6G6/EL34/6CA7/5881/6550/KT66//KT77/KT88/KT99/KT100/KT120/KT150/KT170)

Rectifier : 5U4G (alt : 274B / 5AR4 / 5Y3 / 5R4 / 83 / 80 / STR)

Regulator : 6AS7G/6080 + 0C3/0D3 + EF86/6267


1 year free parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions

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