Virtual Subwoofer Analog processor


VSUB-200 Virtual Subwoofer processor

(pure analog computer, no digital parts)

Reasonable retailer/re-seller on-sale discounted price : C$4,880

Our out-of-the-factory price: C$2,480 Untitled Document [US$ 1512] only !!
(Get the ultimate super low frequency regeneration without the need of any subwoofer but with your ownr speaker)

This is one of our best seller and giant killer. It is not an old school equalizer or tone control, but is an advance analog computer instead. The following equation is a simplified version of the internal programmed algorithm with pure analog computation process, absolutely no digital noise and no quantization error of any kind.

There are 3 control knobs in the front panel. The left most knob is the "18Hz" (U1 of FUNC1) , which control the level of boost with center frequency of 18Hz. The middle knob is "<80Hz" (U2 of FUNC2), which control the level of boost of 80Hz and below. The right most knob is "EFFECT" (U3) , which control both the effect of (Func1 + Func2) .

From the equation, when the"18Hz" set to minimum, then U1 = 0 and Func1 become zero and will be bypassed. When "<80Hz" set to minimum, then U2 = 0 and Func2 become zero and also will be bypassed. The "Effect" control how much Func1 + Func2 add to the original signal, when set to minimum any boost effect will be bypassed no matter what is U1 and U2.

An old school EQ will chop the input signal (Vin) into many section (if 10 bands then will chop into 10 separate sections) and combine them back at the output, which will destroy the original beauty and integrety of the input signal and ruin the sound stage and details as well as everything. Instead, the output signal of our design is purely the input signal(Vin) + Func1+ Func2. The Vin has not been touched and is still ORGANIC. With this unit, your own speaker can output super low subsonic frequency without the needs of any subwoofer , you will always get the best sonic performance without the worry of matching subwoofer speed and placement . This unit already built-in "harmful subsonic" filter to cut off subsonic freq range that might hurt speaker drivers, it can make almost any 8"-10" woofer sound like a 15"- 30" woofer with even better solidity, control, punch, tenderness and elasticity, acoustic freq response can extend down to a new record of 10Hz.. With this crossover and a 80-100W solid-state power amp , almost any 8-10" woofer in a ported cabinet can sound like a $10,000 active subwoofer. This model equipped with XLR and RCA inputs and outputs, and it can also serve as XLR to RCA or RCA to XLR converter. Use either RCA or XLR input, you can have true balanced output signal. Or use XLR input and convert down to RCA output with the balanced input performance.

You can just connect this unit between your CD and pre-amp , or between pre-amp to power amp, no extra power amp required and no extra subwoofer speaker needed, just use your own set of speaker systems and it will sound like you have added a super performance subwoofer. Many customer complaint they spent many thousands on their brand name audiophile system, but still can't get the real live performance effect . The major reason is live performance give out music with full range of spectrum (from 10Hz to 50Khz) , if your system can't regenerate truthfully in the very low frequency spectrum (10Hz to 50Hz range) , you will never get the real live performance feeling. Once added this unit into their system, every customers can easily get back the live performance sound stage response, much more musicality and openness. You will never get the same boost in peformance with the same amount of investment in any other products.

This model is pure tube ORGANIC design version from input to output, the original input signal will pass thru the tube input and tube output stage without any touch of solid-state device, only the calculated correction subsonic signal will pass thru the analog computer and add back to the original signal. Which keep the best integraty of the input signal and add some touch of the nice musical tube sound as well.

No. of inputs 1 set of RCA inputs + 1 set of XLR inputs
No. of outputs 1 set of RCA + 1 set of XLR outputs
Freq response 10Hz - 50Khz (-3db)
S/N > 85 db
Max. output volt 5V rms
Gain x0.8
Phase non-inverted
manufacturing hand-wired point to point for input tube section
Tubes used 4 x 6922 (with optional adapter can use 6SL7/ 6SN7/6SU7 to replace the 6922)





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