Pre-Amps - Outboard Power 100 Series

Model no: SEP-104
(separate power supply series) 

$2,680 Direct Order Price


Line Stage Western-Electric 403A/407/408/418 Super Hi-End Tubes Pre-Amplifier

In this series of our products, the power supply is separate from the amplification unit. This architecture has an advantage of minimizing the background noise and hum which is induced by the transformer coupling. Up-grading this unit is made easier for you as the same power supply unit can be used and one more amplification module can be purchased. Or you can use the same amplification unit and buy an enhanced power supply unit to boost the overall performance.

This amplification module uses a NOS capacitor as a power filter, so the best natural sonic performance can be preserved. The tubes used are NOS Western-Electric 403A tubes which have exceptional linearity and a very transparent and natural tonal quality with a super wide bandwidth from 1Hz to 450Khz.

This pre-amplifier uses a no-negative-feedback design, so a superlative open sound stage with an airy feeling is achieved. At the same time a very special circuit design and fine-tuning technique is imbued in this unit to make the small tubes sound like a big tube (big tubes sound more natural and real in some instances) but still retain the advantage of small tubes (which is pin-point focusing and tighter bass control) . So with this pre-amp you can obtain a RICH, SWEET, OPEN, AIRY, GOOD FOCUS and TIGHT BASS PUNCH in one single unit.

The circuit design is our very special copyright design, which offers a significant improvement in focusing, dynamics, depth, and width of sound stage. It is our belief that the sonic performance will better those products asking over US$8,000-10,000 in the market. Experience this awesome product for yourself and you will know we are not just talking .

This unit is all hand-wired. No transistors and no printed circuit board ensures the best open and natural sound quality. Satisfaction as always is guaranteed.

No. of inputs 2 sets of RCA inputs
No. of outputs 1 RCA pre-amp outputs
Freq response 1Hz - 450Khz (-3db)
S/N better than 85 db
Phase 180deg inverted
manufacturing hand-wired point to point
Tubes used

Western-Electric 403 (alt: 407A/408A/418A) x 4pcs , 5U4G x 1 pcs

(note: 408A need different power supply unit due to 20V filament required)

Negative feedback none

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions

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