Tube Buffers

Model no:   BUF-003-Mk2

Regular Ver. C$680 Untitled Document [US$ 544]

6SL7x2 + 6SN7 Ver. C$880 [US$ 704]



All tube buffer amplifier with RCA-balance converter

This is our basic model of a unity-gain balanced input to RCA output buffer amplifier. This amp can convert any RCA input into a balanced XLR input.

If you have a balanced output CD player, and a RCA input pre-amp, then you can add one of these units with a short RCA cable (less than 1ft). Connect from the BUF-003 output to your pre-amp input, and then you can use an XLR cable to connect the CD balanced output to the BUF-003 balanced input. By using this type of configuration, you can convert your pre-amp input into a balanced input, which will greatly improve the dynamics, focus, depth of sound stage, and openness. This conversion method can also be applied to pre and power amp connections. If you have a balanced output pre and want to convert your RCA input power amp into balanced input, simply add a BUF-003, then your power amplifier will become a truly balanced input power amplifier.

No. of inputs 1 set of XLR balanced input
No. of outputs 1 set of RCA output
Freq response 1Hz - 50Khz (-3db)
S/N better than 90 db (full output level)
Gain x2 - x4 depending on tubes
Phase inverted (option: non-inverted)
manufacturing hand-wired point to point
Tubes used 2 x 12AX7/12AU7/5814A/ECC83/ECC85/12AT7

(Optional 6DJ8 / 6922 / ECC88 / ECC188)

(enhanced version with low output impedance : 6SL7 x 2 + 6SN7) add $200

(Note: The upgrade price are special deal for newly order unit only, modification of existing unit will be around $200-300 higher due to extra works)

Level 1 upgrade : (+ C$200)

Special designed "Super-Drive" circuit, output impedance lowered to 200ohm (can drive any input from 600ohm up to infinity) with better bass control and punch , better definition and improved in overall tonal quality. By adding this upgrade, it sounds like the output with 10 times tubes being used. With this level of upgrade, just add $50 and you can have a headphone output with enough power and current to drive your headphone directly.


1 year parts and labor warranty
standard chassis : Gold aluminum / Black metal / Metallic Paint MDF with whatever color

(optional chassis : Mirror steel, black piano , solid-oak...etc with additional cost )

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