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Model no: EAT-100 (Easy Audio Tester)

Automatic and easy to use audio equipment tester for all audiophiles include non-technicals

(can also perform tubes matching !! As well as cables and system burnt-in)

Our direct out-of-the-factory price CAD$880 Untitled Document [US$ 704]

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(free bonus adapter cable included for power drawn from 5V USB output, so that you can hook up to any cellphone Battery chargers/ power banks to power up this unit without the need of AC power)


This is our new revolutionary design, a personal technical assistance with Digital Signal Processor (DSP). An integration and automation of several powerful measuring instrument which cost $10K or over in one compact chassis (FFT spectrum analyser, Digital signal generator, Digital CRO, Harmonic Distortion Analyser, Gain tester, Cable/system burnt-in device, and Frequency response tester) , This automatic tester can help audiophile , DIYer and technicians to perform professional testing even without technical know how. If you are audiophile without technical knowledge, you have no choice but need to ask for help from technicians or engineers when your system is down. With this new generation of automatic tester on hands, you have no need to pay for expensive diagnostic fees. you can check out every audio gears in your system by yourself, and be able to easily find out the problematic unit. Or you can check out whether a used audio gear as good as it said before pay for it.

This tester can power up by a DC-12V to 15V power supply, with 500mA or higher rating.

This automatic tester can test and burnt-in but not limit to the following items:

Pre-amplifier, power amplifier, integrated amplifier, MC and MM phono stage, CD player, DAC, music server, equalizer, active crossover, speaker system, active speaker, signal cables, passive filter networks....and many more.

It can also let you test and match vacuum tubes via the Gain Test option

Easy Tube test add-on just add C$680 [US$ 544 ]

Advantage : Light weight, compact, low cost, very simple to use, no calibrations needed , clear back light LCD graphic display , only control by two buttons, DC 12V input which can use car battery / AC adapter / USB charger to power up, so that it can perform testing almost anywhere, especially suitable for quick and simple field testing..

Testing of phono amp, pre-amp, EQ, active crossover____________ Testing of CD player, DAC and music server

Testing of power amp, integrated amp _________________________Testing of passive / active speaker system

Testing of cables

This unit have 6 modes of operation :

Frequency response Test:

With the built-in simple artificial intelligent algorithm, it will automatic sweep frequency from 20Hz to 100Khz, check out and display -3db low and high frequency roll-off points. You can use this mode to test the frequency response of any audio equipment including speakers.

Gain Test: (gain of tubes can also be tested)

Test and display gain in ratio and db for line level input, also gain in ratio, db and output power for speaker input with assumption of 8 ohm loading impedance.

You can also use this mode for tube testing and matching purpose. The accuracy can reach +/-0.01db. A tube pre-amp or power amp with no feedback is required for the gain of tubes testing.

Burnt-in: (can run-in cables and system components fast and safe)

Automatically sweep using ORGANIC super low distortion pure sine wave from 20Hz to 50,000Hz repeatedly,

you can burnt-in any cables or system components fast and have nice sounding result.

(Others who use square wave / pulse for burnt-in, might make the sonic character of the device after burnt-in harsh and dry)

Harmonic Distortion Test:

Use the internal generated 1Khz as reference signal, the LCD display will show distortion pattern of 2nd, 3rd, 4th..... up to 12th harmonics of the device under test. Total harmonic distortion (THD) will be measured, calculated and display in terms of percentage.

Signal Generator :

This mode can set the signal output to either Sine, triangle or square wave. With frequency range from 10Hz to 100Khz .

Output level 1Vrms max. (RCA) or 2Vrms max. (XLR) with variable output control. You can use this as signal source connect to device under test for further testing

Digital Oscilloscope :

This mode work as a digital oscilloscope with three different sampling rate, and true RMS readout of the input line level signal. If input select and connected to speaker terminal, then this mode will display output power level of the signal measured. (assuming 8 ohm loading impedance)

FFT Analyser:

This mode convert the unit into a high speed FFT audio spectrum analyser, which can display real-time frequency spectrum from DC to 28Khz. You can use this mode to test the real time frequency response of speaker systems or any audio components. (with white noise signal source CD included)

Note: This tester is only for quick and simple testing of audio equipment, we have other testers which can perform more complicate and precise testing if needed.



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