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Model no: EAT-200 (Easy Audio Tester)

Automatic and easy to use audio equipment tester for all audiophiles include non-technicals (A.I. built-in as assistance)

Practical bandwidth of testing 5Hz ~ 300Khz


Reseller / retail price CAD$1,300 or higher

Our direct out-of-the-factory price CAD$780

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Freq response testing of VSUB-100

This is our new revolutionary design, a personal technical assistance with a powerful dual core processor. An integration and automation of several powerful measuring instrument in one compact chassis, Digital signal generator, Digital CRO, Gain tester, Cable tester, and Frequency response tester , This automatic tester can help audiophile , DIYer and technicians to perform professional testing even without technical know how.

If you are audiophile without technical knowledge, you have no choice but need to ask for help from technicians or engineers when your system have certain issue. With this new generation of automatic tester, you do not need to pay for expensive diagnostic fees. you can check out every audio gears in your system easily, and be able to locate the problematic unit. You can also easily check out whether a used audio gear as good as it said before paying for it.

This tester can power up by a DC-12V to 15V power supply, with 500mA or higher rating. 12V Power supply included.

This automatic tester can test the following items:

Pre-amplifier, power amplifier, integrated amplifier, MC/ MM phono stage, CD player, DAC, music server, equalizer, active crossover, speaker system, active speaker, signal cables, passive filter networks....and many more.

Advantage : Light weight, compact, low cost, very simple to use, no calibrations needed , clear back light full color TFT graphic display , only control by three buttons, DC 12V input which can use car battery / AC adapter / USB to 12V converter cable to power up, so that it can perform testing almost anywhere, especially suitable for quick and simple field testing..

RIAA accuracy testing: (20hz ~ 20Khz) for MM phono stage

This tester can test and compare the flatness of the RIAA equalization curve of a phono stage and display the result in +/- db.

Frequency response testing: (5Hz ~ 300Khz) for pre-amp, power amp, buffer amp, cable and speakers.

With the built-in artificial intelligent algorithm, it will automatic sweep frequency from 5Hz to 300Khz, check out and display -3db low and high frequency roll-off points. You can use this mode to test the frequency response of any audio equipment including speakers.

Gain Test: (@ 1Khz) for pre-amp and power amp

Simple Signal generator and CRO Testing: (5Hz ~ 300Khz sine) for DAC, music streamer, CD and any line level signal source.

Power amplifier frequency response and gain testing :

Speaker frequency response testing : (external mic is required, built-in mic pre-amp)



1 year free parts and labor warranty, full technical support included.




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