Custom Built Testing Equipment

Custom Built Test Equipment, Tube Testers, Robotics, Microprocessor Design and Audio Gear Modification

We can custom build whatever tester equipments or audio gears you want, just name it and we can do it. So just send us your requirements and specifications ( if there is any, might not necessary ) then we can give you an exact price quote.

Above photo set show a tube tester which can test 5 different type of tubes in one single unit, with a headphone output for noise level monitoring in order to sort out noisy tubes. This unit can also act as a pre-amplifier with selectable tube feature, so 5 pre-amp in one single unit, what a deal !!

We can also custom built speaker crossover with whatever quality and precisions you ask for, just give us which speaker drivers you will use, cabinet size, expected crossover point and slope (if any, not necessary), then we can give you an exact price quote, price can be vary with different quality level of components.

Above photo set shows a pair of very high end 3 ways 12db/oct crossover with all oil capacitors and multi-strain air core, which use to drive 2 x JBL 15" drivers, JBL LE375 horn and a JBL 077 super tweeter. Tri-wire or tri-amp possible configurations with variable mid and hi output.

We can up-grade your existing power supply with high grade solid-oak chassis with super enhanced sonic performance parts, this can be done on whatever small or medium audiphile gadgets which require AC or DC power source, this upgrade will have very noticable improvement even on turntables, jitter/timing correction units, DAC, EMF cancellation unit....etc

We can also modify any existing blue ray player into a super high end quality CD transport with our very special designed digital output circuit (Balanced and coaxial output) , after upgrade, the preformance can easily surpass those selling 5K-10K commerical available high-end CD transports , modification cost vary , but typical for digital coaxial output only is $350 , and for digital balanced and coaxial output is $450

We have been working on hi-end audio design for over 30 years , and also industrial robotic control and microprocessor based design for over 25 years, we specialize in product designs and developments from the stone age processor of 6502 / Z80 / 68000, to nowadays 89c51 or PIC microchips. We can do whatever OEM design for your audio or industrical products, DIY or even hobby items. No mininum order qty. Now you are not necessary to hire a group of design engineers , which might cost you tens or hundreds of thousands per month , instead you just need to spend a very tiny amount of money , and get what you always dreaming of, or might even earn millions by just spent as small as a few hundred dollars . Give us a call immediately to make your dream come true.

We also offer professional training course to upgrade your technical / musical capabilities to become a self-contained audiophile.

Course include: Grade 1-10 Piano, violin, guitar and music theory , Microprocessor circuit design, hi-end audio theory , computer programming.. etc ( our lecturers with over 30 years of music teaching experience , UBC graduated )

Please be noted that all design copyright will still hold by our company unless further negotiated, price quote is only for customer's personal use or re-sell only, for large scale production design please indicate with your request, then our project price quote will include large scale production licence fee.

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