Model no: SR-002/SR-100/ SR-1000






Ultra Schumann resonator 1.0

This is our new design series of SCHUMANN RESONATOR , with special features of variable frequency and variable output power, as well as crystal locked super high speed high precision frequency readout (0,01Hz resolution with 10 updates per second) . According to most researchers finding, this kind of device can suppress / shield / cancel the bad effect of those RF/EMF interference generated by GPS/cellphone/TV/wireless routers.....etc, after took out those interferences, our brain will function in a more proper way so our perception of sound will return to normal perception state, and we can hear way more details , better soundstage and much wider frequency range without need to change a bit of the room acoustic/system. The device which emit this resonace is a very special one, which can make user's body cell vibration sync to the mother earth breathing and mask out those modern interferences.

This unit suppose can boost the natural immue system of the body and achieve certain healing effect, most obvious is better sleeping due to improved body condition and perfection the nerve system.

For SR-002model, this is fixed dual frequency unit, the Resonance frequency can select with the original 7.83Hz Schumann Freq or our special finding Audiophile Freq (even bigger boost in sonic performance than the regular 7.83Hz) , crystal locked to +/- 0.0005%, pure sinewave to make sure no headache side effect (common probem for those selling in the market with square wave or triangle wave generator)

For SR-100 model, the Resonance frequency can vary approx. from 6.00Hz to minimum 100.00Hz with 0.01Hz resolution, continuous variable in order to match different people's perception (50 yrs ago is 7.83Hz , nowaday most people work best with Audiophile freq, but some will work better with different resonance frequency, so variable freq is a very big advantage)

For SR-1000 model, the Resonance frequency can vary from 7,.80Hz to 8.09Hz with 0.01Hz crystal locked resolution , manual / remote mode available for easy tuning and testing without leave your seat, there are two more modes available in this special designed model, it is the Sleeping aid mode and body re-generation mode, for those with medium / serious sleeping problem , they can use the sleeping aid mode during sleep, it can be tell in one week's time to show significant improvements. The body re-generation mode is designed base on some aero-space program research data, with certain special resonance frequency specturm group, one can gain super healing power to make fast recovery from abnormal / disturbed body conditions.

Output power can vary with infinite step with 10 level display (SR-100) or 100 level (SR-1000) for different room size and space. (some people might experience super charged with too strong power in a too small room, so variable output is a necessary to 100% fit everyone's requirements)

Unlike most of the mass market products, we use organic pure sine wave as resonance frequency instead of square wave (much cheaper to build with square / Triangle wave but come along lots of bad side effect) , which we found out the sonic improvement will be much bigger , as well as no irriational effects to those experience headache from square / Triangle wave products.


with the installation of this unit in your listening room, all or most of the bad interference generated by wireless router, telephone, cellphone, TV and many other RF/EMF radiation device will no longer harm your perceptions. You can hear an immediately lifting in the sound quality (even loudness) of your system, more rich, warmer, better high and low extension as well as instrumental separation, width and depth of the soundstage. It might even enhance your health conditions according to various researcher quote (check out schumann resonance related articles on the web for more details)

Display dimmer control also available for an additional cost of $80 only



supply voltage

AC 120 / 240V version available (for SR-100 and SR-1000)

DC 12-15V input (AC adaptor included)

frequency accuracy

+/- 0.0005% for SR-002 and SR-1000 model

Waveform generated

Analog generated pure sine wave with digital frequency read-out (SR-100)

Quartz locked super high precision digital synthesised pure sine wave (SR-002 and SR-1000)







1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions

Unti price :

$480 ofr SR-002, (coverage approx 500-1000 sq ft)

$780 for SR-100 (coverage approx 500 - 1000 sq ft)

$980 for delux version of SR-100 (coverage approx 1000-2000 sq ft)

$1080 for SR-1000 (coverage approx 1000-2000 sq ft)

(speical new product promotion discount:

$100 off any of the above versions)


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