Phono Tube Pre-Amps

Model no: P-102-Mk2 / P-102-T-Mk2 / P-102-BAL-Mk2
C$1,080 / C$1180 / C$1880 Direct Order Price

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MC/MM Phono pre-amplifier

This is an all hand-wired high grade phono stage using 12AX7 tubes in the MM and MC amplification stage, the MC step up before MM stagee is a super low noise solid state circuit to ensure a super quiet background . All components are meticulously selected in order to achieve the best sound quality. You won't find a superb sound quality product in the market with such a low price. This phono stage has both openness and a sweetness of character crafted in a single unit.

This is our new Mk 2 design with super low noise level and more natural sonic performances as well as much higher dynamics over our previous designs. We can modify your older version into this new version, additional cost apply.

A 40db gain for MM, and 5 selectable gain settings for the MC step-up stage (40dbMM + 9dbMC to + 29dbMC ) is suitable for any MC cartridge available.

 200ohm / 47Kohm selectable input impedance switch for MC input included in the new Mk2 design, with this switch, you can connect MM cartridge to the MC input and boost the dynamics and enhance the sonic performances with even more details, a regular MM cartridge will sound more like a MC one.

The T-option means "Tube Rectifier", a 6X5 rectifier tube added to further enhance the tuby sound as well as openness , richness and smoothness

The Lowest photo set shows the BAL version, this model equipped with two more 6SL7 as output tubes , separate L / R channel gain adjustment and XLR balanced output.

No. of inputs 1 set of MM inputs + 1 set of MC inputs 
No. of outputs 1set of RCA outputs 
Freq response RIAA +/- 0.5db from 20Hz - 20Khz
S/N MM / MC > 75db
Max. output volt 10Vrms
Phase non-inverted
manufacturing hand-wired point to point
Tubes used

2 x 12AX7 (P-102-Mk2)

2 x 12AX7 + 6X5 (P-102-T-Mk2)

2 x 12AX7 + 2 x 6SL7 + 6X5 (P-102-BAL-MK2)

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : Gold/ Black/Metallic  MDF , Aluminum chassis

(optional chassis : Mirror steel, solid-oak )

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