Phono Tube Pre-Amps

Model no:P-1001 (2019 new design)
Direct out of the factory price C$1,480 Untitled Document [US$ 1184]

Typical re-seller 'on-sale' price $2,800 or more




All hand-wired, pure tubes high gain MC/ MM Phono pre-amplifier with variable MC gain control


This is one of our newest design pure tubes phono pre-amplifier with MC and MM input capability, it is completely component-to-component hand-wired with high quality good musicality parts. Selectable MC input impedance of 200ohm and 47Kohm (47Kohm is use for MM or MI or high output MC cartridge connection),

This phono stage use all tubes design, with three 12AX7 for MC and MM circuit. Very high dynamics and good resolution along with smooth and sweet tonal quality. Maximum un-distorted output voltage up to 20Vrms. Which can give out same or even higher output level than regular CD levels (typical LP output level is just 1/4 of CD output level) .

RIAA +/-0.5db accuracy 20Hz to 20Khz. MC section 10Hz to 30Khz +/-0.1db

It gives 40db gain for MM input , and 40-65db variable gain for MC input , you can use MM cartridge with MC input and set to proper setting, then it can par with regular CD output level, also with enhanced dynamics over regular MM input.

You will need to pay at least $3K-4K from other manufacturers to get a phono stage with barely close or even lower in sonic performances. Some even shamelessly ask for $7-8K for an all tube MC/MM phono made with PCBs.

No. of inputs 1 set of MC input (for MM / MI or any MC cartridge) + 1 set of MM  input (for high output MC or regular MM / MI cartridge)
No. of outputs 1set of RCA output
Freq response RIAA +/- 0.5db from 20Hz - 20Khz, MC section 10Hz-30Khz +/-0.1db
Gain MM input = 40db , MC input = 40db to 65db (continous variable)
input loading MM = 47Kohm, MC = 200 or 47Kohm
Max. output volt 20Vrms un-distorted,
RIAA 20-20Khz (+/-0.5db)

3D hand-wired component-to-component and point to point

Tubes 3 x 12AX7 (or ECC83, or 5751)


1 year free parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : Aluminum or Aluminum + plexiglass hybrid chassis

(optional chassis : Metal, solid-oak...etc )

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