Phono Pre-Amps

Model no: MC-102
$1080 Direct Order Price


Hi-end MC head amp with variable gain setting

This is our 2013 new designed MC head amp , pure solid-state design for quietest noise background, variable gain to match whatever low output to high output MC cartridge. Superior dynamic sound with detail and smoothness.

Built with super heavy duty pure aluminum chassis for maximum strength and noise shielding . Easily surpass sonic performance of those selling over US$4K - 5K in the market.


No. of inputs 1 set of RCA MC inputs
No. of outputs 1 set of RCA outputs (connect to PHONO or MM input of pre-amp or phono amp)
Freq response 2Hz - 50Khz (+/- 0.1db)
gain setting variable from (x3 to x30)
Max. output volt 5Vrms
Phase non-inverted
manufacturing semi-hand wired
input impedance 200ohm default (different imp possible upon request , or change by your own)


1 year parts and labor warranty
standard chassis : silver + black aluminum chassis (optional chassis available upon request)


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