Hybrid Power Amps

Model no: SEH-200i
C$2,880 Untitled Document [US$ 2304] (Regular Version)

C$3,280 [US$ 2624] (MDE upgraded Ver.)

HP-70-4.jpg HP-70-4.jpg

100Wrms x 2ch high current single-ended tube hybrid integrated amplifier

This is one of our state-of-the-art design hybrid integrated amplifier, which have both the advantage of high power class AB amp's high current drive capababilities (tight and punch dynamics bass with good speaker control) with single-ended vacuum tube pure class A amplification (warm and sweet sound with excellent depth, wide open and airy sound stage).

The conventional output transformer of old-school single-ended tube amplifier was replaced with a super high current, high damping factor MOSFET transformer, which can output 100W continuous power per channel at 8 ohm loading , this amplifier can drive down to 4 ohm without problem, or even 2 ohm speaker with reasonable loudness. Built-in over-temperature and over-current protection for safety operation even under extreme condition. The tube section is working in pure class A single-ended operation in order to achieve the purest and most natural ORGANIC sound.

This integrated amplifier has a very flexible tube rolling capabilities, pre-amplifier tubes are 6SL7x2 + 6L6Gx2, the 6SL7 tubes can replace with 6SU7, 6SN7, 5691, 5692, ECC32, ECC33 and ECC35 or equivalent models, the 6L6G tube can use tons of different power tubes like 6550, EL34, 6L6, 6V6, 6F6, 6K6, 5881, 6CA7, KT66, KT77, KT88, KT99, KT100...etc. With this super high tube rolling flexibility, you can make this amp match whatever other components without problem.

This integrated amplifier comes with 3 sets of inputs for flexible connectivity. Pre-amp output available to hook up other power amplifiers or working as bi-amp or even tri-amp setup.

Convenient headphone output included for any headphone connection. Default wiring is parallel run with speaker output, this option can give best sonic performance but you will need to disconnect speaker wire during headphone listening session. Optional wiring can wire the same as most manufacturers, when headphone plugged in, the speaker output will be disabled, but this option will need to pass through an extra set of switching circuit and sound quality might be compromised.

If you only judge the sound quality by your ear, you would believe this is a pure tube single-ended high power amplifier which worth over $10K in the industry.

MDE micro-dynamics extraction up-grade version:

The sound stage will be even more 3D holographic with extremely good micro-dynamics, details and focus. Those music covered by background noise can surface out effortlessly, you can hear those faint passage which you never been able to hear before. Vocal is so real and touching with emotional eruption, musical instrument will regenerate like a real live performance.


No. of inputs 3sets of RCA inputs 
No. of outputs 1 set of speaker outputs (4 - 16 ohm)
Freq response 2Hz - 100Khz (-3db)
S/N better than 100 db (Fully regulated version)
Gain x20 (26db) power amp , x3-x5 (pre-amp)

inverted (Optional: non-inverted)

manufacturing hand-wired point to point for the tube section
Tubes used

2 x 6SL7 / 6SN7 (Option: 6SU7,5691,5692,ECC31,ECC32,ECC33,ECC35, CV181 and equivalents)

+ 2 x 6L6G (Option: 6550, EL34, 6L6, 6V6, 6F6, 6K6, 6G6, 6Y6,5881, 6CA7, KT66,KT77,KT88,KT99,KT100)

MDE upgraded version can drive even KT120 and KT150



1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition
standard chassis : MDF with metallic paint , aluminum chassis , aluminum+plexiglass hybrid chasis

(optional chassis :  solid-oak, super-gloss MDF, black piano....etc)


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