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Model no: SP-ST1H
C$580/pr Untitled Document [US$ 522] (open style)

C$680/pr [US$ 612] (boxed style)


Hi-End Super Mini-Horn tweeter

This is an add-on Horn module for any existing speaker system. This unit can add superb 3D texture to the music as well as clarity and micro details with weight. Built-in crossover use NOS high quality oil cap with precision output level control.. It can be simply put on top of any existing speaker system to impart an airy, dynamics, weight and 3D holographic imaging.

Variable output controls with high efficiency low loss crossover, ensure 100% matching capability with your existing system. A build-in crossover network is featured for easy connection.

Default design in high tech clear plexiglass stand. Variation in design and material possible . Additional cost might apply.


Input terminals Multi-purpose Banana jacks
Power Amp rating 0.5W - 300Wrms
Freq response 5KHz - 20Khz  
Efficiency >100db 
Max. power input 300W musical 
Impedance 8 ohm above 5Khz, almost infinite impedance below 1Khz (no loading effect for amplifier)


1 year parts and labor warranty


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