Headphone Amps

Model no: HA-2  

Retail store typical on-sale price $1,600 or up

Direct out-of-the-factory price C$880 Untitled Document [US$ 792]

Pure Class A single-ended tube & MOSFET headphone amp with pre-out

This is our new 2019 headphone amplifier, use 2x 6922 / 6DJ8 / 6N1P / 6N2P / ECC88/ ECC188 / ECC288 and all compatibles. The following is the special features of this design

- Zero feedback design, with most open and dynamics sound quality

- Super quiet "hum-free" design, highest signal to noise ratio with darkest background performance

- All component-to-component and point-to-point hand wired

- Pure class A single-ended from input to output

- Single stage tube and single stage MOSFET design, least possible parts with most transparent and micro dynamics

- High quality high precision instrumental grade components

- Tube socket with shield to further enhance S/N performance and prevent microphonic

- Sweet and smooth tube sound with high power MOSFET with super low output impedance, can drive most of headphones to their max. possible loudness.

- Heavy duty solid aluminum chassis for max. shield and durability

- Pre-amplifier output included for possible use this as tube pre-amplifier

- 12V DC input, easily upgrade with our enhanced power supply. High power 12VDC 4A power supply included. Can also power up by Car battery if needed

- Enhanced power supply over HA-1

For this same low price,it will be extremely difficiult to find another products which can sounds better than this amplifier.

Upgrade options :

Enhanced 12V 6A Dual regulated organic linear high current power supply +C$1,280 (PSU-1206)

6SL7/6SN7 medium tube version +$400

3 inputs version + IR and BT remote volume control + $400  

No. of inputs 1 set of RCA inputs  
No. of outputs 1 set of headphone output + 1 set of pre-amp output
Freq response 2Hz - 40Khz (-3db)
S/N > 90 db
Gain 20db with 6N1P
manufacturing hand-wired point to point
Tubes used 2 x 6N1P / 6922 / ECC 88 / ECC188 / ECC288 / 6DJ8


1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : solid Aluminum chassis


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