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Model no: DA-64XT-Super-Mk4

(new version with 24bit / 192Khz input upgrade)

C$3,280 Untitled Document [US$ 2624]





( with 24bit / 192Khz + USB input upgrade)

( with 24bit / 192Khz + USB input upgrade)

(with EL32 and solid-oak chassis upgrade)

24bit 64x over-sampling digital-analog converter with balanced input and enhanced tube output

This is one of our state-of-the-art designed D/A converters having a resolution of 24 bits and 2,822 Khz (44.1Khz x 64= 2.822Mhz) re-sampling frequency that can completely eliminate digital noise from original CD data. Between each original data word, 63 more data words are calculated and inserted to complete the music signal. This serves to bring back an LP smoothness and warmth in the playback. 8 ASP’s (audio signal processors) are installed in this design to recalculate harmonic response up to 70Khz to assure correct reproduction of music (equivalent or better than the best quality MC cartridges).

This unit has been equipped with a true balanced tube output stage to ensure the best dynamics, superb sonic performance is achieved, as well as low output driving impedance.

This super version is an upgrade from the DA-64XT, which also boasts a super enhanced tube buffer stage as well as an XLR balanced input, (which has about a 20%-30% overall improvement in sonic performance compared with the standard DA-64XT version).

A super low output impedance (50ohm) module is also offered as an option to further boost the driving power with an additional cost of C$500, one additional pair of XLR’s + RCA’s in a super low output socket will be added. input frequency : 192Khz 24bit in PCM format (previous version max. 96Khz 24bit only)

Mullard NOS EL32(CV1052/VT52) upgrade add C$250 -- further enhancement in openness, smoothness and silkiness as well as musicality

The 5U4G tube rectifier can further upgrade by our super rectifier STR-104 or higher models , direct plug and play without any mod required.

With this super rectifier adaptor, you can use 300B, 2A3 , 45 , 50 , 80, 83, 1616 , 3B28 or 866A as rectifier tubes option.

No. of inputs 1 set of coaxial digital input and XLR balanced digitial input
No. of outputs 1 set of RCA outputs + 1 set of balanced outputs
Freq response 10Hz - 70Khz (-3db)
dynamic range better than 110 db
Max. output volt 2V rms
Phase non-inverted
manufacturing hand-wired point to point for tube section
Tubes used 2 x 6V6G + 2 x 6L6G + 5U4G rectifier

(for 6V6G/6L6G, there is alternate tubes can be use as well as KT66/KT88/6550/EL34/6V6/6Y6/6F6/KT99/KT100)

(Note: The following upgrade price is a special deal for newly order unit only, modification of existing unit will be around C$300 higher than the following prices due to more works for disassemble of the original circuits)

Level 1 upgrade : (+ C$200)

Special designed "Super-Drive" circuit, output impedance lowered to 200ohm (can drive any input from 600ohm up to infinity) with better bass control and punch , better definition and improved in overall tonal quality. By adding this upgrade, it sounds like the output with 10x tubes being used.

Additional Upgrade :

5U4G rectifier with bigger power transformer upgrade (+C$250)

USB 24bit / 192Khz input upgrade with selector switch circuit +C$380


1 year parts and labor warranty, tubes 90 days under normal operation condition
standard chassis : Gold/ Black/Silver /Metallic MDF chassis or Gold / silver Aluminum chassis

(optional chassis : Mirror steel, black piano , solid-oak )

User feedback

from: LEO

Model DA-64X-T-Super_Mk3 In short, it is superb. All sensibly priced DACs I ever happened to hear, which had any over-up-re-sampling or proprietary digital signal processing, sounded flat, compressed or harsh. That experience lead me to become a proponent of NOS DACs, which I found very pleasing to my ear. So for quite a while I was relishing a NOS 6922 tube DAC custom made for me, and kept wondering how could ever any, even a mega-buck DAC make the sound better than perfect. Now I know how. First thing I found interesting in STL DACs were power tubes used for small signal, which seems to me an ingenious idea, and yet actually is not in violation of electronics laws. So why not, unless you wanted to cram your tube system into a small car. In addition, two tubes per channel, large tube rectifier and ability to use multiple kinds of tubes open virtually limitless possibilities for sound tweaking. The only thing I was suspicious about was digital processing, but given very attractive price, I decided to try. And - voila! Without mega-bucks... Compared to my beloved DAC, I,ve got considerably deeper bass, more extended treble, wider and deeper soundstage, much more air and absolutely natural timbres. And after a month of testing, I can vouch for the big, airy, clean, subtle, balanced and organic sound this DAC has. Even "flat" sounding recordings, like many from 70s, sound very much listenable, without having to bring out dimensions by overly bright or microphonic tubes, which would usually make bass boommy or muddy. Apparently, not all processing is bad, it depends how the digital stage is made. This DAC renders a very precise and refined reproduction of sound from the source. We know that there is no a single ideal tube, or ideal transistor, or ideal transformer that could ideally fulfill demands of human ear. If one desires something special in treble, one will end up with unlistenable bass. If one achieved perfect bass, one would lose magic in mid range. With this DAC, nothing is sacrificed for anything. Given its superb digital stage and right combination of tubes, I managed to achieve sound ideal to my capricious ears, and so can everybody. And Albert is a pleasure to deal with. I am very grateful for his help, support and advice from the very beginning, when selecting the DAC, all the way through tube rolling. Thank you Albert.

from: Ron

I recently bought the 'DA-64XT-Super' tube DAC from Space Tech Lab. My experience has been very positive, both with the company, the customer support, and with the DAC itself. I can say at the outset that the workmanship on the unit is excellent, the sound is superb, and the support, provided by the head engineer, is the best I've ever experienced. Space Tech built a customized unit for me, including making a chassis that fit my shelving location. The DAC is actually beautiful, in its wood cabinet, and the advice I received on using the best combination of tubes was invaluable. The sound quality I'm getting is as good as I could have hoped for, and the interesting thing is that the particular blending of tubes makes a significant difference in the sound--even though this is only a DAC. But this DAC is feeding both an electrostatic headphone amplifier and a single-ended triode class-A headphone amplifier that I own. So the quality of the analogue output of the DAC has a dramatic effect on every later stage of my equipment. A typical response-time for an emailed question to the head engineer is under 2 hours, and I've gotten very useful help in making the initial decision on which unit to buy, as well as how to configure it in my system. If you are going to spend a significant chunk of money on high-end audio equipment, I think you will get very good value, high quality, and top-notch support from Space Tech Lab. I am very happy with my purchase. 

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