Digital to Analog Converters


(new version with 24/192 input upgrade)
C$4,880 Untitled Document [US$ 3584]

26bit 512x over-sampling digital-analog converter with super tube output buffer

This is one of our state-of-the-art designed D/A converters having a resolution of 26 bits and a 22,580 Khz (44.1Khz x 512= 22.58Mhz) re-sampling frequency that can completely eliminate digital noise from original CD data. Between each original data word, 511 more data words are calculated and inserted to complete the music signal which serves to bring back an LP smoothness and warmth in music.  Due to the high up-sampling rate, there is no need to put any analog filter circuitry in to kill digital noise, so no phase shift or harmonics are lost in the high frequency range, this results in the best layers of air in music reproduction. The sonic hologram is of such high density and seems so natural that you can hardly experience this with any other brand of DAC.

32 ASP’s (audio signal processors) are installed in this design to recalculate harmonic response up to 70Khz to assure correct reproduction of music (equivalent or better than the best quality MC cartridges).

This unit has been equipped with a true balanced tube output stage to ensure the best dynamics. Superb sonic performance is achieved, as well as low output driving impedance.

Mullard NOS EL32(CV1052/VT52) upgrade add C$250 -- further enhancement in openness, smoothness and silkiness as well as musicality input frequency : 192Khz 24bit (previous version 96K 24 bit only)

The 5U4G tube rectifier can further upgrade by our super rectifier STR-104 or higher models , direct plug and play without any mod required.

With this super rectifier adaptor, you can use 300B, 2A3 , 45 , 50 , 80, 83, 1616 , 3B28 or 866A as rectifier tubes option.

No. of input 2 set of coaxial digital  input  s
No. of output 1 set of RCA outputs + 1 set of balanced outputs
Freq response 10Hz - 70Khz (-3db)
dynamic range better than 120 db
Max. output volt 1.5V rms
Phase non-inverted
manufacturing hand-wired point to point for tube section
Tubes used

2 x 6V6G (option: 6G6/6F6/6V6/6K6/6L6/6Y6/EL34/6550/KT66/KT88)

+ 2 x 6L6G (option: 6G6/6F6/6V6/6K6/6L6/6Y6/EL34/6550/KT66/KT88)

+ 5U4G (option: 274B/5AR4/5R4GYB/GZ32/GZ33/53KU/STR-101/STR-102/STR-103 and many others)


(Note: The upgrade price is a special deal for newly order unit only, modification of existing unit will be around C$300 higher than the following prices due to more works for disassemble of the original circuits)

Level 1 upgrade : (+ C$200)

Special designed "Super-Drive" circuit, output impedance lowered to 200ohm (can drive any input from 600ohm up to infinity) with better bass control and punch , better definition and improved in overall tonal quality. By adding this upgrade, the output sound like 10 tubes being used.

USB 24bit / 192Khz input upgrade with selector switch circuit +C$380

USB 32bit / 384Khz PCM + DSD512 input upgrade +C$800


1 year parts and labor warranty, tubes 90 days under normal operation conditions
standard chassis : Gold/ Black/Metallic  MDF , Aluminum chassis

(optional chassis :  Mirror steel, black piano , solid-oak )


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