Digital to Analog Converters

Model no:   DA-24/192-T
C$1,280 Untitled Document [US$ 1088]

DA-24/192T USB + SPDIF input with 24bit 192Khz input/output hi-end DAC , build with 6SN7(option: 6SL7 / 6SU7) x 2 + 6X5GT rectifier tubes . This is one of the very musical and natural sound 24/192 DAC available nowadays.

This unit comes with USB input capability, which let you easily hook up your computer (MAC / PC compatible) and transform them into a music server.

Max. input data rate 24bit 192Khz for SPDIF coaxial input only

Dynamic range 120db

S/N > 85db

max. output level 2Vrms (RCA) 4Vrms (XLR)

Output : RCA + XLR balanced

USB input upgrade option : max. 24bit 192Khz input for USB add C$200


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