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Model no:   DA-24/192-Super-Mk4
C$2,280 Untitled Document [US$ 1824]

DA-24/192-SUPER USB + SPDIF + AESEBU input with 24bit 192Khz input/output hi-end DAC , build with 6550 x 2 (plug and play option:


+ 6X5GT rectifier tubes .

This is one of the very musical and natural sound 24/192 DAC available nowadays.

This is a non up-sampling class DAC, which can take input data from regular 16bit 44.1Khz CD data to 24bit 192Khz resolution , super precise digital phase coherance design give out very accurate timing for faithful reproduction of 3D depth and position of all musical instruments and vocals, combine the pure tube rectifer and big output tube section, easily convert the digital sound into analoge sound with high-end MC vinyl playback quality, even this model of our tube DAC , it can effortlessly surpass the sonic performance of DAC built with sold-state or small (6922, 12AX7...etc) and medium (6SL7, 6SN7...etc) size tubes, with even 10x-20x of our price in the audio industry.

This unit comes with USB input capability, which let you easily hook up your computer (MAC / PC compatible) and transform them into a music server.

Super enhanced power transformer for "Hanging-in-the-air" 3D imaging, and good enough to power up the power hungry KT120 output tubes.

Semi-hand-wired manufacturing technique implied in this unit (Tube section is pure class A design, non-feedback and all point-to-point hand wired, digital section in circuit board ), in order to achieve super high sonic performance with such a bang-for-buck price tag, we strongly believe this unit can easily take down any other name brands DAC over $10,000-20,000 range. The reason behind is simple, we understand music reproduction is not just spec or technology, it is an abstract form of art which require superior music senses of a musician, and design technique of an engineer, and we are able to do so.

Lowest photo set shows EL32 upgrade with solid-wood side panel chassis

Max. input data rate is 24bit 192Khz for SPDIF coaxial and AESEBU

Max. input data rate for USB is 24bit / 192Khz

Dynamic range 120db

S/N > 85db

max. output level 2Vrms (RCA) 4Vrms (XLR)

Input : Coaxial (SPDIF) + AESEBU + USB (Optional : dual selectable SPDIF + USB)

Output : RCA + XLR balanced

Upgrade option : STR-104, STR-1001 , STR-1002 Super rectifier upgrade

USB input upgrade option : 32bit 384Khz DSD input capabilities for USB add C$400.

Mullard NOS EL32(CV1052/VT52) upgrade add C$250 -- further enhancement in openness, smoothness and silkiness as well as musicality

User Feedback : (From PAUL)

I purchased this dac off Albert after reading all the positive feedback about his gear. Well I can testify to one thing, the DA-24/192-Super is really super. The soundstage is so big and wide, the imaging is spot on. The music just flow so smooth. Now for once I can sit down to really enjoy digital music, crank up the volume and don't wanna leave my seat. Now all I have to do is decide what my next purchase from Albert will be :) 
Great job Albert


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