Enahnced Music Server / Stremer

Model no: EMS-100

Retail store / re-seller typical on-sale for : C$1,980

Direct-out-of-our-factory price C$ 980 for new version !! Untitled Document [US$ 882]

Older version C$680!! only [US$ 612]

New version: with higher computing power, can up-sample 44.1K 16bit files to 32bit 384Khz , much faster operation

Older version: with lower cost, can up-sample 44.1K 16bit files to 24bit 192Khz

Enhanced music server

- Wifi or Ethernet connectivity

- can play music from USB flash driver, USB external harddisk, NAS and also music from the web

- can play regular CD with optional external USB CD/DVD rom drive

- max. 4 USB device can be connected (USB 2.0 for older version, USB3.0 for newer version)

- 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features (BT installed with Older version only)

- Full features browser base remote control software with any smartphone, tablet, ipad, imac, laptop and computer. Upgradable via internet.

- Full graphic control interface with album art display, music library, volume ...etc..

- play all music format files include high resolution files and DSD

- Fast boot up time in around 1 minute

- High reliability Linux base OS, just connect to the USB input of your DAC and sing.

- Much lower noise level than regular PC or Mac as music server

- Sonic performance easily surpass 2x-3x more expensive products in the industry.

- 12V DC power supply included

(optional upgrade: 12V DC 4A separate linear dual regulated power supply +$800 , or 12V 6A for $1,200)


1 year free parts and warranty under normal operation condition



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