Ultimate Schumann Resonator
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Ultra precise Schumann resonator

This is our new design series of SCHUMANN RESONATOR , with special features of variable frequency and variable output power, as well as crystal locked super high speed high precision frequency readout (in SR-200 and SR-300 , 0.01Hz resolution with 10 updates per second ) . According to most advanced researchers finding, this device can suppress / shield / cancel the bad effect of those RF/EMF interference generated by GPS/cellphone/TV/wireless routers.....etc, after shield out those interferences, our brain will function in a more proper way, which makes our perception of sound become normal again, and we can hear way more details , better soundstage and much wider frequency range without the need to change a bit of the room acoustic or system.

This unit suppose can boost the immue system of the body and achieve certain self-healing effect, most obvious is better sleeping due to improved body condition and perfection the nerve system, boost blood circulations..etc. We have research a list of different resonance frequency which can enhance different area of our body functions.

It looks like no other manufacturers in the industry can offer the same level of features, signal quality and performance as ours, but you will even need to pay 4x to 5x more for those handicapped products.

(SR-003) this model was designed with dual CPU for smoothest operation and precise frequency generation, it have 7 different operation mode,

1 -- Deep Sleep mode, sound sleep and be able to wake up full of energy

2 -- Audiophile mode-1 (Regular 7.83Hz, sleeping aid)

3 -- Audiophile mode-2 (anti jet-lag as well as anti-depression aid)

4 -- Audiophile mode-3 (mood enhancement)

5 -- Audiophile mode-4 (faster recovery)

6 -- Audiophile mode-5 (healthy aid)

7 -- Audiophile mode-6 (cosmetic aid - smooth skin)

Five output levels 100% / 60% / 40% / 20% and zero ( higher output level better for audiophile usage, lower output level better for sleeping aid )

SR-003 SR-003

All frequency mode crystal quartz locked to +/- 0.01% stability, ultra-low distortion pure sinewave (0.1% THD) to make sure no headache side effect (this is the common probem for others designs with square wave, triangle wave or simulated sinewave generator)

Full function mini-remote control for 7 different frequency mode selection, 5 output levels and on/off fucntion, control distance around 8 meters .

Manual frequency and level selection on top

DC-12V 1A high power AC adapter included

(SR-200 ) This is a version with enhanced dual processor, which can vary from 0.01Hz to 9999.99Hz with 0.01Hz resolution (0.01% THD).

Frequency variable in order to match different people's perception. This unit implimented our most advanced digital synthesis sinewave generator technology with LCD read-out, super stable and accurate frequency output (once set , resonance frequency will locked without drift for at least 100 years) . Super wide control bandwidth to perform different functions (a table of frequency will listed on manual for various purpose including sleeping-aid, body re-generation, fast recovery for injury, anti-depression, anti-sleepy for driving.... etc)


Mini remote on/off control included for easy audiophile performance testing without leaving your seat

Comes with free elegant crystal clear plexiglass detachable stand

DC-12V 1A high power AC adapter included

SR-200 SR-200

(SR-300 ) This is a super enhanced version over the powerful SR-200, which can vary from 0.01Hz to 999999.99Hz with 0.01Hz step (0.01% THD). Super low distortion output available for possible of unlimited output power upgrade. This is a world class instrumental grade of high precision equipment design to use in the audiophile world.

Remote on/off control available with mini remote

Ouput intensity from 0% to 100% variable


Customer feedback:

From Harv.

Al, I would say the resonator improves the most important elements of the sound; sound stage, the highs are very extended, the sound is holistic and the bass is tighter.
Over all the sound improvement is almost 50% for me.
Hard to believe really


From Peter:

I tried it while listening through my main system last night . I used 7.83Hz with 80% power, and heard a subtle but definite improvement in the sound produced. I didn't notice any change in tonal balance, but the sound-stage opened up, while images within the stage became more holographic. That's awesome! The whole listening experience was very enjoyable; the SR-200 is definitely a worthwhile investment!

Unlike most of the mass market products, we use organic pure sine wave as resonance frequency instead of square wave (much cheaper to build with square / Triangle wave but come along lots of bad side effect) , which we found out the sonic improvement will be much bigger , as well as no irriational effects to those experience headache from square / Triangle wave products.

with the installation of this unit in your listening room, most of the bad interference generated by wireless router, telephone, cellphone, TV and many other RF/EMF radiation device will no longer harm your perceptions. You can hear an immediately lifting in the sound quality (even a little bit on loudness) of your system, more rich, warmer, better high and low extension as well as instrumental separation, width and depth of the soundstage. It might even enhance your health conditions according to various researcher quote (check out schumann resonance related articles on the web for more details)


supply voltage

AC 90 - 240V 50-60Hz with 12V universal adatper include for SR-003 and SR-200

frequency stability

+/- 0.0005% for all models

Waveform generated

Quartz locked super high precision digital synthesised pure sine wave

0.1% THD for SR-003 , 0.01% THD for SR-200

1 year parts and labor warranty under normal operation condition

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