LP Clamp

Model no:  100
$50 Untitled Document [US$ 45] (Low profile version) / $80 [US$ 72] (Tall version)



Low mass low resonance LP clamp with see-thru design

Low mass design, will not hurt turntable spindle like those heavy mass products, automatically clamp to spindle with air cushion attraction force Easy to put in and easy to take out. You will expereience very noticeable immedate boost in 3D holographics of sound stage, better imaging and clarity , as well as overall stability of the performance.

Clear plexiglass see through design for LP label maximum visibility

Can use normal or inverted orientation for fine-tuning of sound

Make with high impact plexiglass for long durability

Low profile version for light mass application and lower cost . Tall version with extra thick plaxiglass for enhanced stability and sonic boost.




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