Displays and Meters


SPA-001 Real-Time FFT Specturm Analyser display

Direct order price

PM-1 LED Real-Time Power Output Display with smoked plexiglass face plate

Direct order price

Easy-Gen-1.0: Multi-Function LCD Display Signal Generator
With frequency and output level display

Direct order price

SmartMon-1.0 / 1.1: Multi-Function LCD Display
(VU / CRO / FFT / MON / HYPNO / Nameplate)

Direct order price
$280 / $350

Easy-Scope 1.0 / 1.1: Multi-Functional Audio Signal Tester
Including CRO and spectrum analyser

Direct order price
$480 / $580

Any OEM or DIY module design and assmebly possible upon request, price vary, no minimum order

All designs with ultra-thick copper circuit board , come with detail wiring diagram, all 100% hand assmebled and tested with professional standard in Canada, just apply transformer and very minimal of components/connectors and all ready to go. A great way to save money and get a professional design and built unit. (more modules coming soon.....)

Digital Readout Bias-Meter

Large digital LED readout for easy calibration of your power amp tube bias level, 0-1999mA readout, DC 9V battery operation with on/off switch.

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