24/28 pin SMD to DIP Converter

This product include a high quality double side FR4 PCB with two rolls of 14 pins gold plated molex pin , you can solder whatever 28pin SOIC on the PCB to convert it into 28 pin DIP package, for those chips which got no more DIP package, this is a saver. The product also very suitable for prototype or small scale production without the requirments to make a circuit board for the SMD chips. (chips not included and is only for illustration purpose). Minimum order qty 10sets

Direct order price
C$50 Untitled Document [US$ 45] for 10 sets

Tube Converter #1
Converts 6SL7/6SN7/6SU7 into two 6G6/6L6/6V6/6Y6/6K6/6F6/EL34/6550/KT66/KT88

(note: for gear models with regular power supply, must use one 6G6G along with higher power tubes such as 6550 / KT88)

Tube Converter #2
Converts one 6L6G into two 6L6G or pin compatible tubes, not necessary be the same type, such as convert 6L6G into 6G6G+KT66

C$100 [US$ 90] each

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